The Engineering Services provided by the Bryka India Team are :
  Develop Manufacturing Process Plan for Parts.
  Develop Manufacturing Process Sheets for the Parts.
  Create 3D models for Parts.
  Create Ballooned Drawings
  Generating Inspection Plans & CMM Programs for Parts.
  Developing Quality Manual, Procedures, Instructions & Forms as applicable.
  Supporting third party certification Audits.
  Maintaining the Quality documents.
  Creating FAIR packages.
  Technical Review of Specifications.
  SPC Analysis of Parts.
  Mixed-Signal, Low-Power, Rad Hard Sensor Interface ASICs​
  Sensor Interface ASIC (SIF-ASIC)​ & Essential Telemetry ASIC (ETM-ASIC)​.
  Data Acquisition and Command Processing ASIC​ & Actuator Interface & Heater Switching Logics ASIC​
  OBC Digital ASIC​ & OBC-2 Digital ASIC​.​
  Miniaturized Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)​
  Processor Interface ASIC​ & RF ASIC​
  Costas Loop BPSK Demodulator ASIC​ & 20 Msps Multichannel (16 ch) Image Acquisition ASIC​​
  Rad Hard LVDS Serializer and DeSerializer​​​
  16 Mb SRAM​, 64 Mb NOR Flash ​& Imaging Sensor ROICs​.
  Rad Hard Bandgap Reference​ & Rad Hard Instrumentation Amplifier​.
  Rad Hard CAN Controller​ & Rad Hard Temperature Monitor​.
  Rad Hard 12-bit ADC, 14-bit ADC, 16-Bit ADC​ & Precision Current Source​
  Rad Hard DLL for timing generation​ & 32-bit Microcontroller​.
  MIL-STD-1553 Transceiver​ & FPGA Programming capabilities​.