RF & Microwave Components
  Passive Components
  Electro-mechanical Components
  Opto-Electronic Components
  Connectors and Cables
RF & Microwave Components
    Analog & Threshold Detectors
    Frequency Doublers
    IQ Modulators & Demodulators
    Limiters & Limiting Amplifiers
    Voltage Controlled Oscillators
    Power Dividers
    Programmable Attenuators & Switch Units
    Co-axial Terminations & Loads
    Co-axial Power Splitters & Dividers
    Co-axial Adapters
    DC Blocks
    Triplexers & Multiplexers
    Diplexers & Duplexers
    High Power 3-port & 4-port Circulators/Isolators
    High Power Loads (Ferrite & Water)
    Mechanical Controllable Phase Shifters
    Ferrite Tuners / IQ Modulators
    Waveguide Transitions
    Magic TEE’s
    3-dB Hybrid Couplers
    Directional Couplers with High Directivity
    Attenuators, Power Variators
    ARC Detectors & Detector Modules.
    Amplitude Phase Modulators and much more…