RF & Microwave Components
  Passive Components
  Electro-mechanical Components
  Opto-Electronic Components
  Connectors and Cables
    32 bit Microprocessors
    Digital & Mixed Signal Application Specific IC’s
    FPGA to ASIC conversion
    8, 16, 32 bit Microprocessors & Microcontrollers
    Memories – SRAMs, SDRAMs & PROMs
    ARINC 429 Devices
Low Voltage Differential Signaling
Logic Devices
  Clock Drivers & Generators
   Analog Multiplexer Modules
   Analog Multiplexer Low Voltage LVCMOS Interface
   Adjustable Voltage Regulators (LDOs as well)
   Resolver to Digital Converter
   High Speed PWM Controller
   Quintet Precision Current Source
   Quad Op Amp
   Quad Comparator
   Analog to Digital Converters
   Digital to Analog Converters
   Lithium Ion Battery Electronics Unit (Cell Balancing, Monitoring and Telemetry)